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Applegate Valley

Settled in the middle of the Applegate Valley in sunny southern Oregon, this perfectly level farm was part of the ancient Applegate riverbed that left behind a nice, loam soil with excellent drainage and pristine ground water.

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Perfect Conditions

Southern Oregon wine country has the ideal climate to produce the highest quality cannabis nationwide. The micro-climate in the Applegate Valley allows us to grow any strain of cannabis to connoisseur tastes.

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Flower Rosin

Raw Zen extracts represent the pinnacle of natural cannabis concentrates.  Our gourmet flower rosin is single press, low temp, “Live Rosin”. We let the plant speak for itself with our terpene preserving tech.  The ripe buds are harvested, fresh cured, and pressed “live” for the truest expression of the strain.

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Raw Zen will soon be available at a store near you. Check back soon for a list of locations.


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Watch us supercharge our plants with high-performance soil and nutrients from:

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